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Clothes Line


Reviews for the debut novel The Clothesline by Australian writer Krista Schade


"This was beautifully written - not flowery, but gorgeously constructed.
The flow of the story was really cleverly done, and I loved that somewhere within the pages of each chapter, we would meet the 'star' of the following chapter, until everything came together perfectly"

Rusty Hay

"Had pre-ordered this but ended up getting it elsewhere as Amazon were too slow!
So well written, I could visualise each character and wanted to know so much more about them. We either personally know or know of someone, who each of those depicted could be based on.
It touches so many areas of everyday life, the decisions made and the consequences of those actions. Krista shows us that no one is perfect, we hate, fear and have regrets, we need love, understanding and friendship, whether we realise it or want to admit it.
Setting is current and on everyone’s mind and could be anywhere in the world, so easily relatable to all. We aren’t there exactly, but some areas of the world have come extremely close and have/are living it to an extent; my daughter and her partner in Melbourne CBD, Australia.

I cannot wait to see where Krista’s writing leads her & us, in our reading of her future novels."

Amanda S

"I just finished reading your amazing book ... It is a good story - dystopian with a happy ending. 
What an achievement! Have you started your second book yet?
I have read it on Kindle and have sent for a hard copy too."

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