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T-Bone and the Mob

T-Bone and the Mob


When the animals go on an adventure it's up to the farmer to find them and bring them home.

But where is T-Bone and the Mob?

They visit the swimming pool, the lolly shop and the school, and found a lovely place for a picnic, but now they are lost, and it's up to the farmer to find them all and bring them home.


T-Bone and the Mob is the first collaboration between sisters Lisa Brettschneider and Krista Schade, born and raised in an Australian country town.

SKU: 364215375135191

    • Paperback : 24 pages
    • ISBN-13 : 978-0648902034
    • Product dimensions : 20.29 x 0.18 x 20.29 cm
    • Publisher : Krista Schade (12 October 2020)
    • Reading level : Baby - 12 years
    • Language: : English
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